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1 Tenders: 17217188 Supply Of Pvc Insulated Twin Core 1.1 Kv, Pvc Insulated Twin Twisted Flexable Wire And Xlpe Insulated Al. Conductor Armoured Cable1.1 Kv. .
Due Date : 03/12/2018
2 Tenders: 17216420 Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of 11 Kv Medium Voltage Covered Conductor Of Dph Feeder, Overhead Line Including All Accessories At Joshiyara Barrage Mb Ii Uttarkashi. .
Due Date : 27/11/2018
3 Tenders: 17216382 Auction Sale Of P.L. No. 98210075 Condemned And Unserviceable Copper Scrap Consisting Of Ecc Coils, Field Coils / Armature Conductors Of Small Electrical Machines, Bus Bars, Bus Rings, Conductors And Conductor Bits With Insulation And Other Similar Copper Scrap Of Sorts And Sizes With / Without Connecting Wires / Terminals, Ferrous / Non Ferrous Attachments. As Is Where Is Basis. .
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Due Date : 21/11/2018
4 Tenders: 17216375 Auction Sale Of P.L. No. 98210014 Condemned And Unserviceable Copper Commutator Segments With / Without Mica, Conductor End Bits Of Sorts And Sizes. As Is Where Is Basis. .
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Due Date : 21/11/2018
5 Tenders: 17216247 Repair To Lightning Conductor Earthing Strips Test Point And Insulator Diff Location At 62 Su At Afs Salua.. .
Due Date : 28/11/2018
6 Tenders: 17215960 Providing Aviation Light, Tower Earthing, Lightning Conductor, Shifting And Itc Of Dg Set, Service Connection And Equipment Earthing At Cell Best Transriciver Station Kandakurthi In Nizamabad. .
Due Date : 24/11/2018
7 Tenders: 17215433 Auction Sale Of 98230013 (13) [Hsn Code 74040022 Gst18% On Rcm Basis] Cond And Us Aluminium Scrap Of Main Compressor Crank Case ,Brush Gear Boxes,Up Cylinders,Cylindrical Biushes,Mepa Cylinders, Pg Clamps 1551/61,20Mm Large Suspension Clamps, ,T 5 96W56w Fitting.Glow Sign Board Sheets, Front End,Gear Case,Wild N3 Precision Level Micrometer Range 10Mm With Stand,Bowls,Circuit Board Holders,Dual Pistons,Towers,Triggers, Fan Blade For Cross Drainage Motors;Level Cum Gauge, 25 Mm Bus Bars;30Mm Pipes With Nut,Ac Ceiling Fan Blades, Acsr Conductor( 1984.4 Kgs),Iv Couplers, Bus Bar Jumper Connectors,Pg Clamps,Terminal Connectors, Panto Top Mounting Fitting Sub Assembly,Centre Link,Gauge Bodies,Wiper Switches,Triple Valve Inside Plate, Route Indicator I Way,Sighting Boards,Lb Booms For Eolb,Cls Bulb Fixing Frame, T 5 56 W/96W Fitting,Mh 70W/250W Fitting,Street Light Fittings,Sigma Search Light,T 5 28W Od Fittings,Ftl/Bc/Cfl/T 5 28W Lamp Caps,Conductors,Bowls,T 5 96W/150 W Fittings,Glow Sign Boards,Halogen Fittings,Bowls,Circuit Board Holders,Dual Pistons,Towers,Triggers, Fan Blade For Cross Drainage Motors, Radiator,Bus Bar Pieces Of 36Mm & 50 Mm, Gear Box Covers, Hangers,Theodilite Stand,Rsi Diode Heat Sinks,Ballast Covers,Name Plates,Round Lamp Covers,Coupler Fixing Cup,Mu Coupler Pieces,Ep Contactor Parts,Double Check Valve,Gauge Frames,Middle Aticulation Am 12 Pantos,Shutters,Beadings,Lump Of Ep Contactors., Tube Air Comp Inlet,Connection Inlet,Valve Solenoid,Pistons,Oil Pan,Db Filter,Fan Assembly,Valve Insert,Jumbo Horn,Piston Air Compressor,Unloader Valve,Water Seperator,Bearing Thrust,Centry Fuse Head Assembly,Pneumatic Cylinder,Compressor Connnecting Rod,Aubjaw Coupling,Diffuser Plate,Diffuser Turbo Charger,Air Compressor Cover,Connection Elgi Compressor,Cover Air Compressor,Cover Alternator,Supply Pump, Beadings,Runners,Blades, Anti Wind Clamps,Bi Metalic Strips,Bus Bars, Cylinder Support For Pantograph, Diaphrams For Air Flow Relay, Felt Rivet For Suspension Bearing Of Wam 4,Hspv Street Light Fitting 70W/96 W,Hpsv Fitting Indoor,Empty Choke Boxes,2X2 Feet Fittings 40W, Tube Comp Inlet,Connection Air Inlet,Valve Check,Valve Solenoid,Hub Jam Coupling,Pump Gear Fuel,Fuel Injection Pump,Pre Cleaner,Fan Assly,Valve Insert,Clutch Coupling Delivery,Diaphram Lift Pump,Brake Regulator,Fitter Head,Water Seperator,Pistons,Cover Air Compressor,Fuel Pump Damper,Cap Fuel Pump Filter,Valve Mech Cover,Pneumatic Cylinders. With Minute Iron Attachments. Said To Contain: Aluminium: 4540.6 Kgs; Gi:790 Kgs, Ms:83.6 Kgs, Nylon: 0.3 Kgs,Wood: 0.5 Kgs. Full Or Broken. With Or Without Attachments. This Lot Includes The Qty Available At Lot No.0012A,0049 & 0001. Location: Top Of Bin No.1,2,3, 8, 9 &11; Inside Bin No.2,9,10 & 11; Opposite Of Bin No. 13,14,15,16 & 17 In Nf Ward & Near Wall To The Left Side Of Grills In Nf Ward. ).(Images Attached) .
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Due Date : 22/11/2018
8 Tenders: 17215219 Supply of 3 Core X 185 Sq Mm 11 Kv (E) Standard Aluminium Conductor. .
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Due Date : 11/12/2018
9 Tenders: 17214165 Execution Of Work Of Re Sagging Of 132 Kv S/C Bibipur Narnaund Line With Existing Conductor Between Tl No. 13 To 31 .
Due Date : 26/11/2018
10 Tenders: 17213985 Auction Sale Of 12 Kv Vcb Kiosk Scrap (Missing Parts) .12 Kv Vcb Kiosk Scrap (Missing Parts)., 12 Kv Vcb Kiosk Scrap (Missing Parts), 12 Kv Vcb Kiosk Scrap 3 Ph Static Meter Scrap = 941 No 1 Ph Static Meter Scrap = 4459 No, Three Phase Static Meter Scrap = 653 No Single Phase Static Meter Scrap = 2553 No, 1 Ph Static Meters Scrap, Insulated Rabbit Conductor Scrap, Burnt/ Damaged 11 Kv Ct Pt Sets Assorted Ratio, Burnt/ Damaged 11 Kv Ct Pt Sets Assorted Ratio.
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Due Date : 05/12/2018
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