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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 18727659 Repairing Damaged A/Spur At Rd.80250,Constructing Revetment In Between Rd.80250 80800And Constructing Revetment U/S Of A/Spur At Rd.80250 Of 1 R Bandh Along River Sutlej (Tajowal Complex). .
Due Date : 29/04/2019
2 Tenders: 18727308 Nit 88 Of 2018 19 Addn / Altn To Security Wall, Guard Post And Certain Other Sanctioned Works At Dharmund Under Ge (I) 873 Ews. .
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Due Date : 27/04/2019
3 Tenders: 18726513 Repair Of The Boundary Wall And Chain Link Fencing At Bainkhala Bank In Plant Science And Terrace Block At Research Farm, Selakui, Dehradun.
Due Date : 26/04/2019
4 Tenders: 18726396 Construction Of Boundary Wall With Gate.
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Due Date : 26/04/2019
5 Tenders: 18725546 Kota Officers Colony Repairs To Boundary Wall In Bunglow Bidding Type Normal Tender .
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Due Date : 04/06/2019
6 Tenders: 18725474 Agencies For Erection Of Forty Stalls. (40) Each Stall Measunng 10' X 10’ And On Raised Platform Of Prefabricated Octonorm With Roofing Of Cgi Sheets Along With One Stall Of 10'X15' Size For Cooking And Retiring Of Beneficianes To Be Erected 50 Meters Away From Mam Stalls With Fire Fighting Equipments, In The Exhibition Ground Sector 34 Opp Gurudwara Sahib Chandigarh The Shalis Are Meant For Holding Of Exhibition By The Jandk State Women's Development Corporation, For Its Loanee Benefioanes. For A Period Of Ten Days In The Month Of January. 2020 Each Stall Must Be Provided With Following Items 1 Furniture And Furnishing Which Includes Two Chairs, Two Tables Covered With Fine Cloth, Complete Flooring, Carpeting 2 Four New Blankets, Two Mattresses, Two Unused Bed Covers, Two Unused Bed Sheets With Two Pillows For Each Stall 3 Round The Dock Uninterrupted Electric Supply With Generator Facility In Case Of Power Break Down Dur¬Ing The Period Of Exhibition 4 Complete Shock Proof Electric Fittings With Two Tube Lights And Two Electric Points With One Fan For Each Stall 5 Adequate Hygienic Drinking Water Facility 6 Five Banners Of Size Of 10' X 4' (Matter To Be Provided Separately) 7 Two Banners Of Size Of 2 X 2 For Each Stall (Matter To Be Provided Separately) 8 Decorative Gate With Flex /Banner To Be Installed At The Entrance Of Exhibition Venue 9 Perfect And Fool Proof Security Wall / Security Arrangement For Safety Of Goods/Belongmgs Of The Loanee Beneficiaries 10 Sufficient Toilet And Wash Room Facility Round The Clock 11 Curtains For Privacy On The Stalls During Mght Hours 12 Decorative Doth For Decoration Of Stalls Together With Shalves In Each Stall 13 Refreshment Tea For General And High Tea For Vips (80 In Number) At The Lime Of Inaugural Ceremony Of The Exhibition Alongwith A Separate Canopy For Serving High Tea To The Vips 14 Amusement Park Inside The Exhibition Premises With At Least Four Entertainment Items For Children 15 Decorative Canopy In The Centre Of The Exhibition Premises With Stage And Seating Arrangement For 150 Persons In The Front Of Stage Dunng The Days Of Exhibition And Inaugural Function 16 Proper Carpet Flooring Around The Stalls And In The Centre 17 Providing Of Fire Fighting Equipment For Each Stall 18 The Tenderer Should Have The Registration Of Gst/Cst Issued By The Concerned Authority And Same Should Be Annexed With The Tender Document
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Due Date : 20/05/2019
7 Tenders: 18725427 Construction Of Boundary Wall And Storm Water Drain, Pvc Bend Drain, Pre Loadign Sand Layer, Earth Filling, Development Work.
Due Date : 14/05/2019
8 Tenders: 18725296 Construction Of Drain Wall And Culvert From 2Nd Ghat Road Arch Gate To First Turning Of S.V.S.Devasthanam, Dwaraka Tirumala .
Due Date : 29/04/2019
9 Tenders: 18725277 Construction Of The Compound Wall Back Side Of The Reh, Warangal .
Due Date : 04/05/2019
10 Tenders: 18725253 Construction Of Retaining Wall And Laying Of Cc Road At 220 Kv Sub Station, Dichpally In Nizamabad District .
Due Date : 10/05/2019
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